About Us: Ritchie Leather Co. Inc

I'm Skip Ritchie and in January of 2010, my brother Bob and I opened up Ritchie Leather Co, Inc., makers of fine holsters and belts.

For those of you who don't know us, I'll give you a little background. In 1984 I became a partner in Alessi Custom Concealment Holster, with Lou Alessi and Matt Vassalo. This is when Lou taught me the art of holster making. Honing my skills until one day Lou said to me "Skip, I can't tell if you or I made this holster!".

In the late 80's early 90's we were very busy with government contracts and that's when my brother Bob would come on to help us out.

In the mid 90's the government contracts and business in general slowed down, thanks to the Clinton administration. I left the holster shop to pursue other endeavors while Lou kept the shop open.

In 2009 I heard Lou was sick again, and I went to help him out in my spare time along with two other close friends, Bruce and Rich. In a matter of hours, it was like old times. MaryLou, Louie along with Bruce, Rich and myself, telling stories and laughing about silly things we had done. While Ali listened intently, laughing along with us. This is what rekindled my love of holster making.

My dear friend of thirty five plus years, left the holster shop on February 20th, 2009, for the last time. Lou Alessi passed away the next morning, a legend, never to be forgotten.

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